Marmo Luik



Webiman is a marketplace for selling websites and domains founded by Estonian company Veebiagentuur OÜ. We are at the beginning stages of this market.

We make easy to you discover new business opportunities. Our mission is to make the best entrepreneurial opportunities available. Webiman is simple to use and it is secure.

At it is only $5 to post your listing. No commission fee will be taken from you.

We are here to help you make the most money from selling your website or domain. If you want to sell a website or a domain you own, simply insert the basic information in the form provided, make a payment and your listing will be added to the listing of websites or domains that are available for sale.

A buyer who is interested to buy a website or a domain from you can look up available websites and domains by searching our database with keywords, revenue, visitors and more. Buyers can also send messages to sellers directly to obtain more information about.